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Money According to FRIENDS!

There’s been lots of talk lately about the Friends 25 th anniversary lately. I got to thinking about my own experience with “Friends,” which I watched devoutly as a child. I would rush home from Brownies on Thursday nights in order to watch the show. My mom let me stay up to watch it because I loved it so much. I also love to catch the reruns when possible -   if I was home sick from school as a child or now, if Link lets me multitask and play Hall Ball while watching Netflix. So, I got to thinking…. Let’s see if we can determine what Friends teaches us about money! Below are a few of the lessons I can remember. Can you think of any others? 1.        Rent control is a beautiful thing – Monica and Rachel’s apartment was amazing and the purple colour really spoke to me, but, can you imagine what rent on a place like that in New York would cost? Event in the 90s? Thankfully, Monica had was able to inherit a rent-controlled apartment from her Grandmother making her city living “