Cash Flow According to Covid-19: Kids Edition (Allowances and more!)

Hi, again! Long time no post. I figured I’d also add some extra thoughts here without torturing you with another video of Link (if you haven’t seen that – go check out my Instagram or my facebook page !) and I just yet. Also, this is more of a “work in progress” thing, so probably better to keep off camera before I start dropping swear words as fillers. Another super important and super current thing to contemplate in terms of the whole kids and money dynamic has been floating around my brain lately. I just honestly can’t come up with a firm “this is the best answer” solution to this. Probably because it really varies so much from case to case.   We’ve talked a bit about pandemic cash flow, we’ve talked about kids. But, have we talked about kids and pandemic cash flow? Nope! Until now that is…. and this is the reason I really don’t have a full theory on how to approach it because we haven’t exactly lived through many pandemics. So, one question I’ve heard a few times is “

Cash Flow According to Covid-19

Okay, guys… I’ve been meaning to make more blog posts since the New Year and, honestly, life just kept getting in the way. And now, life is REALLY in the way for a lot of us in the most difficult possible sense as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, I figured I needed to just put some time aside and write the sh*t that needs to be said. So, without further ado…. “Money According to Covid-19.” I will likely break this down into a few segments/posts over the next little while because, as much as it is a major health crisis, it is also having some pretty big financial impacts as well. So, first things first… let’s tackle cash flow! Yes, you heard me right. I know some of you may be thinking “wait – what? Cash flow? Where does she think this magical stuff is flowing from when the world is essentially shut down…” but hear me out. This is actually why cash flow is super important and part 1 of this “Money According to Covid-19” series. Whenever you are trying to figure out your

Money According to FRIENDS!

There’s been lots of talk lately about the Friends 25 th anniversary lately. I got to thinking about my own experience with “Friends,” which I watched devoutly as a child. I would rush home from Brownies on Thursday nights in order to watch the show. My mom let me stay up to watch it because I loved it so much. I also love to catch the reruns when possible -   if I was home sick from school as a child or now, if Link lets me multitask and play Hall Ball while watching Netflix. So, I got to thinking…. Let’s see if we can determine what Friends teaches us about money! Below are a few of the lessons I can remember. Can you think of any others? 1.        Rent control is a beautiful thing – Monica and Rachel’s apartment was amazing and the purple colour really spoke to me, but, can you imagine what rent on a place like that in New York would cost? Event in the 90s? Thankfully, Monica had was able to inherit a rent-controlled apartment from her Grandmother making her city living “

Money and Responsibility with Pitbull

In my introductory post, I briefly alluded to my Business Spanish course at the University of Toronto. Teaching that course was a great teaching and learning experience for me – and I hope my students as well. One thing that I included in the course reader that did seem noteworthy or questionable to some was an article by none other than Pitbull, Mr. 305. 😊 We used it to study his approach to the balance between creativity and business, as well as to analyze non-traditional business structures. I was talking about this with a friend/client the other day and I thought that Mr. Worldwide might be a great way to start off my “Money According to _____” blog. One thing Pitbull mentions is the importance of repetition for marketing music – find the words, sounds, phrases that people like and just keep using them. He and other reggaetoneros are known for this exact practice. And it totally works for him, making him very successful. Repetition is important for more than just selling, t

Money According to ____: An Introduction

Today I had to hit “refresh” on my blog. I am trying to spin it as a plus as I wanted to take things in a slightly different angle anyway. For those of you who may, on the off chance, be looking for one of the older posts, I am sorry! I want to say “for as long as I can remember…” but that is not true. So, instead, I will say…. For a while now, I have jokingly had life segments (I cannot think of a better way to describe this) with friends and family that I call things like “Science according to Tara” or “Business according to Tara” (aka the Business Spanish course I taught at U of T). There were also segments such as “Dating according to Grandad,” which was a huge crowd pleaser, and “the Adventures of Mystery Chicken Night,” which often resulted in my taste buds and stomach taking a hit – but I digress! Because of these interesting and amusing little episodes here and there, I thought it might be a good idea to redo the blog in a similar style. In a sense, it will be purpose