Money According to ____: An Introduction

Today I had to hit “refresh” on my blog. I am trying to spin it as a plus as I wanted to take things in a slightly different angle anyway. For those of you who may, on the off chance, be looking for one of the older posts, I am sorry!

I want to say “for as long as I can remember…” but that is not true. So, instead, I will say…. For a while now, I have jokingly had life segments (I cannot think of a better way to describe this) with friends and family that I call things like “Science according to Tara” or “Business according to Tara” (aka the Business Spanish course I taught at U of T). There were also segments such as “Dating according to Grandad,” which was a huge crowd pleaser, and “the Adventures of Mystery Chicken Night,” which often resulted in my taste buds and stomach taking a hit – but I digress!

Because of these interesting and amusing little episodes here and there, I thought it might be a good idea to redo the blog in a similar style. In a sense, it will be purposefully random. I hope to share interpretation of real-life financial planning matters but through different perspectives and contexts. (If you would like, you can even write in to share YOUR thoughts on financial planning!) I think this will show how so many experiences in our daily lives have a way of impacting our thoughts, behaviours and feelings around money – and life in general. I also hope that maybe, just maybe, it will help you sit back and reflect on how you are tackling your own approach to financial planning.

What do you think? Are you excited for this change? Do you have anything to share?


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